Michael Spiro- Professional Musician, Professor and Grammy Nominee 

Stan's Chekeres are the best money can buy, period. They sound great, they look like works of art, and each one is made with nothing but love and care. You simply can't find a better instrument on the market today!


Luiz Dulzaides-Spain- Professional Musician

hace casi un año q tengo estos fabulosos shekeres y estoy feliz de la vida los uso tanto en grabaciones como en directos y son MAGNIFICOS excelentemente trabajado por cachimboy mejor aun su amabilidad y trato los pedi desde España y me llegaron perfectos LOS RECOMIENDO!!!


Jim Greiner-Professional Musician-Spokesperson, and Shekere Facilitator

Hey Cachimbo... beautiful instruments, Bro!

The Chekere you made for me is the perfect combination of artistic design and musicality. The gourd has a great balance and beautiful tone and taps sounds, and the bead net that makes it easy to get clear, crisp sounds at any volume and at any tempo.

You are a true master of your craft, and I am thankful and honored to play your instruments.

Blessings to you,

Jim Greiner


LembeNgoma- Afro Cuban musician

Things to look for when getting a chekere...

1. Weight - can't be too heavy or too light

2. Durable beads

3. Skirt fit can't be too loose or too tight

4. Good quality gourd... not too thin or too thick. No rotting spots!

5. Good sound quality, you have to be able to hear the gourd over the sound of the beads

6. Good symmetry and balance

7. Good looks and craftsmanship

Cachimbo! You chekeres have all of the above qualities and features.

They are the best!!

 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________Mike Pluznick-World Percussionist, Professional Musician, Teacher, Barabajaba

I recently met Stan Corpus at the drum festival in Oakland. We immediately hit it off as we both have a common love of not only playing percussion and shekere's but making them as well. I was delighted when I picked up and played each and everyone of Stan's Shekere's and played them. They all sounded great. I came back to his booth after doing a performance and played them again. Later in the week we got together and played at my house and my housemate loved his work so much she bought one as well. I have used his gear on several videos and performances and highly recommend his products for their craftsmanship, sound and beauty as well.


Ricardo “Tiki” Pastillas- Professional Musician-Jenifer Lopez, Poncho Sanchez, Marc Anthony, Air Supply, Arturo Sandoval

Shekere, Guiro, I took these on the Marc Anthony Tour. They were fantastic, They sounded great!


Adrian Coberg (Ibae/R.I.P.) –Switzerland, Author, Researcher, Conjunto Folklorico Okantomi

All the Chekeres sound great together! Thank you for your work!

You made some great sets! All the best to you!



Robert Wallace- Instructor, Total Rhythm,Crying High, Micky Hart 

 I have played percussion professionally for over 15 years and I have NEVER played sweeter sounding Chekeres than those made by Stan "Cachimbo" Corpus at Pacific Coast Percussion.  Excellent balance, beautiful tone, and visually striking - Cachimbo puts his heart into every musical instrument he creates and you can HEAR the difference and toneThey are fantastic.  Great sound!  5 STARS!  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Yussef- Musician

These shekeres were made by Stan Corpus of Pacific Coast Percussion.

I've played most of Stan's shekeres and in my opinion are top notch, big time thumbs up.... producing incredible fat tones. Stan hand selects each gourd at a farm in Southern California.

Stan puts his heart and soul into his craft. Each gourd is specially prepared with Stan's unique preservation methods. I've seen his gourds hold water for hours and when emptied to my surprise the gourd's shell integrity and tone did not degrade.


Mr. Conga - Musician

I am very happy you found a great Chekere maker as Stan, is one of the best. Because he truly, does an excellent job!

The carving he does on the gourds is highly professional, that produce great tones, out of his instruments.

I have tried many Chekere's like you, and Stan's of Pacific Coast Percussion are my favorites, they have the best tone quality!


Joe Gracia - Professional Musician/Multi-Percussionist 

 "Looking for a custom made one of a kind Chekere's, cajons, catas, etc. contact Stan Corpus at Pacific Coast Percussion Music Instruments for all your specific percussion needs. Quality second to none, made by a musician/percussionist/craftsman to your specs! Stan is a man of high integrity who always takes care of business and his customers. As a professional percussionist, I highly recommend you visit his website and check out his products. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Stan for taking care of my percussion needs”.


Rob Brandon -  Professional Musician/Audio Engineering

Stan makes the best checkeres on the market hands down!! I study and play Afro-Cuban folkloric traditional styles, but I also tour with an electronic band. I’ve used Stan’s checkere in a variety of musical settings and his work has proved time and time again its versatility and undeniable craftsmanship. On top of that, his work and his attention to detail are phenomenal. Big thanks to Stan for taking his time to get to know his customers and what they want. Endless gratitude for your hard work and keeping folkloric traditions alive!

Thanks Stan!! 

Rob Brandon 

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